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Farnborough's Specialist LVT Flooring Providers

Due to its durable, stylish and visually appealing nature, LVT flooring has gained rapid popularity amongst homeowners in Farnborough.

Regardless of the brand, luxury vinyl flooring is always made to be exceptionally durable and long-lasting - far more so than alternative flooring options. Most LVT floors also come equipped with a protective layer against scratches and stains, making it worry-free when it comes to accidental damages or high-heeled footsteps. With its strong and resistant construction, LVT is a wise investment for homeowners in Farnborough looking for a floor that will stand the test of time.

While luxury is not typically associated with words like hard-wearing, durable and strong, LVT defies this notion. This type of vinyl floor tile is crafted to be sturdier than wood, yet still adds a touch of elegance to any room in a Farnborough residence. While real wood and tile floors are undeniably beautiful, their colours may eventually fade due to wear and tear from a busy home. As a result, the expense of repairing or replacing them can become burdensome over time.

Not only is LVT flooring a fantastic choice for residential spaces, but it also serves as an excellent option for commercial buildings in Farnborough. The versatility of LVT, along with its durability and manufacturing process, solidifies its popularity for commercial use.

LVT Flooring Tiles

By choosing this flooring option for your Farnborough property, you'll have access to a plethora of design choices. You can even create a custom design if you have something specific in mind that hasn't been available. The great thing about luxury vinyl flooring is that it mimics the appearance of natural wood, giving the illusion of an authentic wooden floor without the risk of fading.

LVT is an amazingly low-maintenance flooring option that eliminates the need for extensive cleaning. A quick sweep and mop is all it takes to maintain its cleanliness and appearance. Additionally, LVT's hygienic properties make it perfect for households with young children or pets. It requires minimal effort to keep it in top shape!

Installing LVT flooring is a quick and easy process, making it one of the most convenient options. Unlike other types of flooring, this installation won't cause any major disruptions or take up much of your time. Rest assured, our team will have your new LVT flooring in place before you know it, allowing you to start enjoying your elegant new floor in no time!

LVT flooring is a versatile option for any space, offering durability and waterproof properties that make it an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Despite its toughness, LVT remains soft and comfortable underfoot, providing a surprising amount of comfort. Additionally, its ability to withstand temperature changes makes it compatible with underfloor heating, making it a top flooring solution not just for kitchens and bathrooms in Farnborough, but also for conservatories.

LVT Floor Samples

Thanks to its numerous advantages and qualities, luxury vinyl tile flooring offers the most cost-effective solution for achieving a stunning look and feel in both residential and commercial spaces in Farnborough. When compared to natural flooring options, LVT remains the top choice for consumers in the area.

At Chelsfield Flooring, we are dedicated to providing exceptional vinyl flooring solutions for properties in Farnborough. If you're interested in learning about our selection of LVT Flooring and how it can elevate your space, don't hesitate to contact us at 01689 855518.