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Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning service available anywhere in the South East!

  • Using the latest equipment we can transform dirty carpets in no time with the minimum of fuss.
  • Drying time is keep to a minimum and you can even have the carpet scotch guarded whilst we clean it.
  • Great service, inexpensive compared to a new carpet and results last.

Your carpets will slowly build up with dirt which will take the colour and appeal out of it. This is why we offer a professional carpet cleaning service that will ensure your old or new carpets stay clean and continue to astound guests. Our designer flooring range includes a variety of new carpets and carpet runners which will slowly build up with dirt and will need to be cleaned. Our team will quickly get to work and will bring your carpets back to life.

For more information and prices please contact the showroom on 01689 855 518 or complete our enquiry form out of showroom hours and we will contact you the next working day.