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Biggin Hill's Amtico Flooring Specialists

We are dedicated to offering top-quality, all-synthetic Amtico flooring installations at competitive and affordable prices to both commercial property owners and homeowners in Biggin Hill and London.

For years, Amtico has been the go-to choice for Biggin Hill residents seeking an affordable and low-maintenance natural flooring option. With a selection of over 250 products, Amtico beautifully emulates the look of stone and wood flooring. It's the ideal flooring solution for any Biggin Hill property looking to elevate its aesthetic.

An ideal addition to any Biggin Hill property

Our Amtico designer flooring, available in both stone and wood designs, offers a stylish and durable alternative to natural materials. With its superior durability and ease of cleaning, it provides the same warm and inviting feel without the maintenance. Our expert floor fitters work in London and Biggin Hill to meticulously design and install each piece to fit seamlessly in any room shape.

Our store carries an extensive selection of exquisite LVT click flooring by Amtico, known for its British design and production. Amtico's collection of luxury vinyl flooring tiles adds a touch of elegance to any floor in Biggin Hill, with a diverse array of colours, palettes, and patterns to choose from. For those seeking luxurious flooring, Amtico's LVT click options are an excellent choice for any Biggin Hill residence.

At Chelsfield Flooring, we pride ourselves on providing a first class quality service. Don't hesitate to contact our skilled Amtico floor fitters by calling 01689 855518 today. We offer a complimentary visit to your property in Biggin Hill or London and a hassle-free quote at your preferred time.

Finishes include:

Amtico limestone floor 1


Amtico oak floor 2


Amtico grey oak floor 3

Grey Oak

Amtico maple floor 5


Amtico marble floor 6


Amtico cherry floor 7


Amtico sandstone floor 8


Amtico elm floor 9


Amtico exotic floor 10


Amtico slate floor 11


Amtico offer a diverse selection of brochures featuring our extensive collection of flooring samples. They can be found here:

Amtico Entrance Matting NOW in Stock! in colours Available: Charcoal, Conker & Caramel

Sizes Available

1000 x 750

500 x 700

Machine Washable

Amtico comes with a 20 year product wear guarantee, and can be finished with a protective urethane coating for even easier cleaning and maintenance. The floor is also made from materials which are non-allergenic and hygienic, making them ideal for families and rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Amtico Showroom

Best Installation Winner

Best Installer 2013 Winner