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Coronavirus – Customer Information

We understand that this is a time of great uncertainty and want you all to know that we are constantly monitoring guidelines provided by the UK Government and Public Health England so that we continue to react in an informed, thoughtful and appropriate manner.

Chelsfield Flooring is a business built on commitment and care. All our team have been working behind the scenes to make sure we do the right thing for us our business and our customers


Can I still place orders with Chelsfield Flooring?
We are still in lockdown and Government guidelines state we are not allowed to open the shop until we have been given permission to do so, the guidelines indicate that we can re-open the shop on the 15th June, our office will be open for phone calls, emails and to arrange estimates and orders.

How will you protect customers and your team at this time?
My Team are our number one asset, and the health and safety of our customers and the team is my priority. We are actively monitoring the on-going changes in the UK and and are working closely with all involved in the process following advice given by the government to keep themselves and customers protected and to help prevent the spread of infection in accordance with guidance from Public Health England. These measures include:

  • All fitters to have their own PPE.
  • Thorough hand washing on arrival at a property and antibacterial gel / sanitiser.
  • I request fitters are also allowed to wash hands before leaving a property
  • Maintaining social distancing from customers
  • Fitters will carry their own liquid refreshments

We request that any customer showing symptoms to let the shop know as soon as they can so we can re arrange the appointment/fitting date. In turn we will inform you if one of our staff has to self -isolate due to symptoms or contracting the virus.
We are working tirelessly to help prevent the spread of infection and will inform all staff, suppliers and customers of any changes the government make on best practice.

What is Chelsfield Flooring doing to ensure that Coronavirus is not spread via the products we are selling?
There is no evidence at this current time to show that the Coronavirus can be spread via products.

Is it safe to receive orders from Suppliers?
Public Health England has advised that people receiving orders are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. We will continue to closely monitor all government and Public Health England advice on this matter and will immediately inform our customers of any changes.

Will my order still be delivered in time?

Our business and the suppliers we work with are doing all they can to meet delivery dates, but due to the nature of logistics and availability we cannot guarantee this at the present time

We are working with suppliers to ensure deliveries are completed successfully in a safe way however, there may be some instances of late order arrivals due to circumstances outside our control.

We ask for your understanding and patience at this unprecedented time – and know that by doing so you are truly supporting a great business.

How can I re-book an installation if I need to cancel do so due to self-isolation/unforeseen circumstances?
If you are unable to have one of our team around for an appointment due to the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, please get in touch with our shop once open.

When will the shop re open?
We have been given a date of the 15th June to re-open the showroom and we are going to have someone there from the 8th June to answer calls, emails take orders and arrange estimates and installations, if you are waiting too have your work booked back in we will contact you to discuss new dates.

When will my work be booked back in?

We will contact you as soon as we have been able to confirm delivery of the materials to our unit, and been able to arrange a fitting team, our teams will be smaller now 1-2 men so jobs may take longer than previously booked in for.

Please be patient with us as we will have a lot of logistics to go through, but we will contact you with new fitting dates as soon as we can, most of the manufactures are not re-opening until June, and there was a delay in production as it was paused at the beginning of lockdown.

We have never needed your support more than now, so every customer will make a huge difference in our ability to be able to continue to operate safely and support the economy for your local business’s process

Thank you for your continued support and patience

MAY 29th, 2020